Seaside Vieques


Seaside is ideal for visitors who prefer not to rent a car.  


Visitors to Seaside will be met at the Vieques airport by our award-winning property managers Bravos Boyz, and brought to the house.  


Seaside is located in barrio Morropouse, on the Atlantic side of Vieques between the neighborhoods of Bravos de Boston and Isabel II, just steps from the historic lighthouse.   


Walk to nearby shops, grocery and wine stores in Isabel II.   Some of the best restaurants and bars on the island are just a five minute walk from the house.


If you want to check out the rest of Vieques, taxis are available.   You're just a short ride from Esperanza, the bioluminescent bay or beaches on the other side of the island.   If you wish to rent a car, there are numerous car rental agencies on the island including one within walking distance of the house.